June 10, 2020

MassDOT holds East-West Study Advisory Committee Meeting on Zoom

Today on June 10th, 2020 meeting of the East-West Study Advisory Committee was held online on Zoom. The meeting was recorded and posted online, with the presentation posted on the East-West Rail website. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is conducting a study to examine the costs, benefits, and investments necessary to implement passenger rail service from Boston to Springfield and Pittsfield, with the speed, frequency, and reliability necessary to be a competitive option for travel along this corridor. The study will assess up to six alternatives, which will feature a range of approaches including high speed rail and potential infill stations.

ESPA encourages those supporting a future Boston-Albany Passenger Rail Service to send in comments supporting that idea. The Albany-Rensselaer Rail Station is the logical terminal for a future East-West rail service to the Berkshires. Rensselaer is Amtrak's ninth-busiest station, serving a metro region of over a million people. Including it would considerably boost ridership and revenue compare to a train terminating at Pittsfield. At Rensselaer there is also an existing Amtrak crew base, maintenance facility, and a (currently shuttered) food service commissary.

Written comments may be sent to Makaela Niles, MassDOT Project Manager, at [email protected]